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MENU Menu. CART(0) Shopping Cart. Home › Singer Featherweight 221 - Dating Your Machine. **Singer Sewing Machine models within this JE batch of serial numbers were made in 1961.

Dating Your Featherweight Sewing Machine: Featherweight sewing machines were produced from to , and approximately million were produced (see here for more information), so there are a lot of Featherweights still out there.

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What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight? Dating your machine is quite easy -- locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts!

Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K shared Featherweight Shop's photo. · 15 July at 05:49 ·. Interesting insight into the commission dates as well on this page We have one on ours, of course... And there is no mi...staking it for another sewing machine. It is most assuredly a #singerfeatherweight design!

Featherweight /K/K Serial Numbers & Other Singer Machines I have tried to make it easier for you to find out the year your Featherweight was made by going. Toy Sewing Machines. dating and identification information from their website.

The Singer Featherweight is a model series of lockstitch domestic sewing machines produced by the Singer Manufacturing Company from 1933 to 1968. They are significant among vintage sewing machines for their continuing popularity, active use by quilters and high collector's value.

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Featherweight. is. a little web development group. ...taking an extended break to focus on our Paperboy project.

Two Digit Dating System for Black Singer Featherweights Copyright @2007-2009 All Rights Reserved. This material is for personal use only. The International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society (ISMACS) has published a wealth of information about the Singer Featherweight.

List of allocated serial numbers for Singer Featherweight 222K free arm sewing machines made in Kilbowie, Clydebank, Scotland. To Number. Quantity. Allocation Date. EJ 142734.
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