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Maps 404 pages to the correct entry using an "old url" field.

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craft-lostandfound — Maps 404 pages to the correct entry using an "old url" field. Similar. 4 ⭐ (0).

When the API loads a tile it didn't check if a tile exists(so it may happen that the request returns a 404, it happens very often).

Hello, I am getting this 404 error however; it does not seem to be an issue in functionality and not all my pano's are having this issue. Possibly it may become...

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Some informations about 404 Challenge Enhanced Map 1.10 that you can need before download it. Home » Minecraft Maps » 404 Challenge Enhanced Map 1.10.

Added on: 7th April 2014, 22:59 Downloads: 676. Comments: 5 (read/write). Worth: 3 EXP. Features: None. (complain/suggest).

I m using google chart maps however, when I try to draw the map, it logs several errors of 404 to their server. however, I m pretty sure i m.
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