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Date/time is always incorrect when the computer starts. After turning off "Set time automatically" & then turn it back on, I get the correct date and time, which will work until the next restart. Last updated July 29, 2018 Views 2,996 Applies to

Версия программы: 13671 (июнь 2016) Официальный сайт: Virus signature database updates. Лечение: не требуется Системные требования Период обновления раздачи: 5 дней. Торрент перезалит 19.06.2016 . Базы обновлены до версии 13671.

2 months ago, the date on my pc starts to show inaccurate time and the CMOS battery was replaced. This happens at times when I turn it on and the BIOS update screen is there and then windows loads normally with, of course, the wrong date and time.

And it appears Mails app is automatically updated time to time as the last updated status keeps on changing frequently . Also I created Media creation tool on my pc itself . So did not create a flash drive bootable or an iso image .

this? does it harm my pc if it remains there ? plz urgently help me admins and friends Disk management, not my computer. View attachment 13671. sorry to say buddy, i didnt get you what you wanna say?please make me clear if u have time answering my above question.....should i delete or...
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