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    Peeing chat

    Oh, bacterial vaginosis, you evil, foul-smelling wench.Yup, this infection, which arises when the “good” and “bad” bacteria in your vagina get thrown out of whack via sex, products you use, and the like, can lead to fish-scented discharge in addition to painful pee, Dr. Once your doctor determines that you have this infection, they’ll prescribe antibiotics for you to take either orally or vaginally.I have shown him several times how there is pee on the flat part of the rim.He huffs and cleans it up, but of course he doesn’t see what’s on the floor.An uncomfortable burning sensation while you pee is also a common symptom of yeast infections, which happen due to an overgrowth of yeast in the vagina, Dr. They’re often accompanied by another telltale symptom: “With a yeast infection, you’ll usually have thicker discharge,” one that basically looks like white cottage cheese, she explains.Antifungal medications can clear up the infection, some of which are OTC, and some of which are prescribed (but it’s smart to see a doctor just in case before grabbing an OTC medication, especially since some sexually transmitted diseases seem like regular ol’ vaginal infections). Yamaguchi recommends maintaining good hygiene, wearing cotton underwear for breathability (or at least underwear that has a cotton crotch), and changing ASAP after you work out instead of lounging around in your sweaty gear.

    We are the place for all talk about 'He wont stop peeing on my bed! I'm so angry guys, I've bought TWO WHOLE NEW SETS OF BEDDING in the past 3 months because my male cat WILL NOT stop peeing on my bed!!!!!!!!! I'm so angry guys, I've bought TWO WHOLE NEW SETS OF BEDDING in the past 3 months because my male cat WILL NOT stop peeing on my bed!!!!!!!!!

    A: If you want your husband to do something with his penis besides urinating, something that involves you, then lay off the demand that he pee sitting down.

    I agree with comedian Rita Rudner who remarked that as far as urinating is concerned often “men aren’t that specific.” But telling your husband his man-style method of relieving himself is not allowed in his own home could have an unfortunate spill-over to other areas of your marital life. Say that you understand that he doesn’t want you monitoring his bodily functions, but neither is it fun for you to find the bathroom floor is a slip-and-slide.

    Only a few things should be happening when you pee, and almost bursting into tears isn’t one of them. This is the biggest culprit behind painful peeing, Sarah Yamaguchi, M. The result: unpleasant symptoms like a persistent urge to hit up the bathroom and burning during urination.

    Wondering why all people with vaginas don’t get the luxury of peeing standing up, thus avoiding any toilet seat germs (as harmless as they may be)? But if you’re preoccupied while peeing because it feels like hellfire is raining down from your urethra, you’ve got a problem. Here, the eight most common causes of burning, painful urination, plus how to treat them.

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