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Women who are desperate for somewhere to sleep are being exploited by sleazy landlords who are trading free rooms in exchange for sex. According to Wales Online, there are scores of ads posted on classifieds site Craigslist from men looking for women in need of a place. One offered "nice lovely all...

I'm not daring enough to broadcast my sex life for the entire world to watch, but if I were, I know where I'd be heading on my next vacation. Still, this could be extremely lucrative. Berth believes offering free hotel rooms will pay off for him in the long run, and I have to agree, he's on to something here.

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Sex for rent—when the tenant has few other choices in Sydney's overheated rental market—just funnels vulnerable people into sex work. One of the first respondents was Miguel,* who wanted $220 per week for a room in his St Mary's property. Over an email exchange, he laid out the options.

In the room was another woman, who performed oral sex on Weinstein whil he asked Malthe to join. Lupita Nyong'o wrote a detailed essay for the New York Times recounting multiple Minka Kelly said that Harvey Weinstein offered her a lavish lifestyle in exchange for being his extramarital girlfriend.

If shower sex sounds too slippery, Diana Wiley, PhD, a Seattle-based sex therapist, recommends using the toilet. "Straddle him as he sits on the toilet seat Although the stairs aren't technically a separate room in the house, they're still a great place to get it on. For safety purposes, Levine suggests using...
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