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Requirement is to execute a workflow process for each record of multiple selections made by user on the UI. For instance, if a user was on a list applet and user had randomly Example: Let us try and update a field called 'Description' on the Activity with a value called as "Updated via Workflow".

Say the page displayed has six records on it and the user wants to delete one or more of the records. They would click the checkbox and hit a "delete" button. Then the database would be updated and the user redirected back to the page that would now show all the records that weren't deleted.

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Publishing and Configuring Workflows. Using Workflow Scripts. Workflow Enabling Entities. You can use Developer Studio to edit workflow scripts; it recognizes multiple script languages, so you Once the workflow is invoked, its associated DDL record is accessible from our workflow's context.

I'm trying to update one field of multiple records in a model, Lead. Each lead is displayed in a table row, and the field being modified for the multiple rows is "selected", which is a boolean...

Visual Workflow allows us to automate business processes by building applications Visual Workflow allows us to automate business processes by building applications, known as After Spring'18 release, however, with just a few clicks, users can now attach files Contract, or other Objects, via a Flow!

I'm using Configuration Elements to help my new vCloud vApp workflow be more modular - I use the same workflow at multiple sites. I believe this will break my workflows and I would like to know if there's a way to programmatically update the Configuration Element Attributes via workflow.

Creation of Any Object/ record via Workflow Rule Sequential Workflows or Workflow Actions Lookup field and multi-picklist field update using Workflow

However, you may run into situations where you will need to update multiple items in a list with a single action. The following steps will demonstrate how to perform updates to all Also Loop Controller list workflow also completed adding total of 8 records for the 8 items we had in Child Document Library.

Update multiple interaction records В "Service Desk". Запись опубликована в рубрике Database Administration , Updating . Добавьте в закладки постоянную ссылку . ← Требования для разработки настроенных клиентов веб-служб.

I am trying to update multiple records in a custom entity based off a single OnChange event in the Account entity. I have added an attribute called Account Type to the Account entity and I am trying to mirror its How do I find all of those records through a Workflow (can I?) and update them as well?

Each record has a generic description of the individual event, such as Meeting or Luncheon. I would like to develop an app which allows a user to change each records description via a series Text Box interface tools. It's a little tricky to update multiple records at once.

Then the workflow can update multiple records on other BCs under the BO of the Workflow. So for the following example (from my previous post) - Even though the Siebel Operation step Update is a single Workflow step to update all records returned by the search expression.

Edit multiple records in a ListView and save the changes at once. Do not miss one more cool contribution from the XAF community (thanks Nick Blake) at SystemModules - Make it possible to edit multiple records in an editable ListView at once and save the changes only when needed.
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