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После приобретения обновления World of Warcraft ограничения стартовой версии сохраняются. Сходные статьи. Удалить стартовую версию WoW. Удаление стартовой версии WoW с учетной записи Blizzard.

World of Warcraft. Forums New Player Help and Guides trial account restrictions. I'm assuming that since they made BC part of the Original WoW it's included in the trial as well. Harlan <The Bilderberg Group> 10 Undead Mage 115 4580 posts.

Trial account not updating? Alternative blues sources: Вконтакте, Facebook, RSS, Twitter. If 72 hours have passed and you are still having issues with the upgrade please contact the Account and Billing support and they will be able to assist you with the issue.

Update: Have already purchased all threee wow games. That's not the issue. Best Answer: Unfortunately trial restrictions may remain on the account for up to 72 hours (3 days) after upgrading to a full retail account..

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World of Warcraft trial accounts have certain restrictions in place to prevent people from abusing these accounts. wow what is the point of a trial account if you can't even get in to play the game?

I made a very simple WoW US and EU Trial Account Creator that is relatively automatic except you need to enter in the captcha. As far as I know everything is working completely fine, and as I add updates I will be sure to upload the latest...

If you've got those nasty, unused, and expired trials on your Battle.Net account, but you're too lazy to call Blizzard to have them removed... well you're in luck! Post your request in the convenient thread below and your wish shall be their command.

Will a wow account work on the wow trial? Technically, yes, but it would be better to download the whole thing if you have a regular wow account. The trial client is a streaming client, meaning that not everything is …on your computer.
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