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    is a simple way to meet hundreds of new people from across the globe. 02/24/17 - 6th Annual Black History Month Celebration “The Power of a Dream” 02/24/17 - Search for Missing 14-Year-Old Elias Rodriguez 02/24/17 - LAPD Focuses on Education & Enforcement at Dangerous Intersections in West Bureau 02/24/17 - Investigators Seeking Additional Victims of Sexual Assault NR17063jh 02/23/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols 02/23/17 - 32-Year-Old Mother Carrying Her Child Is Struck And Killed By Hit And Run Driver NR17062lp 02/22/17 - LAPD Seeks the Public’s Assistance in Locating Missing Teen NA17029ma 02/22/17 - 6th Annual Black History Month Celebration “The Power of a Dream” NA17025ml 02/21/17 - Missing 15-Year-Old Teenager NR17061im 02/20/17 - 60-Year-Old Male Pedestrian Struck and Killed By Hit and Run Driver in Hollenbeck Area NR17060ne 02/20/17 - Detectives Seek Information Related to a Possible Kidnapping NR17058jh 02/20/17 - Missing 14-Year-Old Teenager NR17059ne 02/16/17 - Robbery Homicide Division Arrests Suspect from 2001 Kidnap and Sexual Assault Case NA17027ma 02/16/17 - 72-Year-Old Critical Missing Man NR17053ml 02/16/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17026ne 02/15/17 - Hit and Run Leaves Pedestrian in Critical Condition NR17055aj 02/15/17 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA17024aj 02/14/17 - Possible Kidnapped Victim NR17051sr 02/14/17 - 58-Year-Old Missing Woman NR17052ml 02/14/17 - Cadet Saves Man’s Life NA17022im 02/13/17 - Elderly Man Dies from Hit and Run Collision NR17049im 02/13/17 - Operations - West Bureau - Community Police Academy NA17016sr 02/13/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17021ne 02/13/17 - Business Robbery Captured on Video NR17050dm 02/10/17 - Pedestrian Dies from Hit and Run Collision NR17048aj 02/10/17 - Invasion of Privacy in Restroom NR17046sr 02/08/17 - Vandalism Suspect Responsible for more than 20 tire slashings NA17020sr 02/08/17 - Annual Crime Fighters Conference NR17045an 02/08/17 - Hot Prowl Suspect Steals Victim’s 911 Turbo Porche NR17044ti 02/08/17 - Walk a Cop to School NA17019dm 02/07/17 - Vandalism Suspect Caught on Video NR17043ml 02/06/17 - Robbery-Homicide Division Arrest Suspects in 1993 Case NR17042ma 02/06/17 - Tradesmen’s Vans Targeted for Tools NR17039pv 02/06/17 - Deadly Shooting in West Los Angeles NR17041jh 02/03/17 - Run to Remember- Los Angeles NA17015dm 02/03/17 - Multiple Suspects Arrested in Connection to a Deadly 1993 Fire NA17018jr 02/03/17 - Call the Right Play for Super Bowl; Pass the keys to a sober driver NA17040lp 02/02/17 - Pedestrian Severely Injured in Hit and Run NR17038im 02/01/17 - Puppy Burglary NR17037im 02/01/17 - Officer Involved in a Shooting in Olympic Division NRF004-17ma 01/31/17 - Investigators Solve Several Recent Murders NR17036ma 01/30/17 - Two Suspects Arrested in Home Invasion Robbery NR17032ma 01/30/17 - Suspect Arrested for Chinatown Murders NR17033ml 01/30/17 - Hit and Run Collision Leaves Pedestrian Dead NR17033ne 01/30/17 - Fatal Stabbing of a 27-year-old Man NR17035im 01/30/17 - Press Conference NA17014ma 01/27/17 - The LAPD Focuses on Education & Enforcement at Dangerous Intersections in Central Bureau NA17013im 01/27/17 - Fugitive Task Force Officer Involved Shooting in the City of Anaheim NRF005-17cr 01/27/17 - Goodwill Soccer Game in Rampart na17009ti 01/27/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols 01/26/17 - Suspect Wanted for Hit and Run Collision That Left Two Victims Dead NR17030lp 01/25/17 - California State University of Northridge Study Results NA17011ml 01/25/17 - Critical Missing 28-year-old Woman NR17029aj 01/24/17 - Officers Involved in a Shooting with Pursuit Suspect on the 405 Freeway NRF002-17ma 01/24/17 - Woodland Hills Homicide NR17028lp 01/23/17 - 76-Year-Old Missing Man NR17026ne 01/23/17 - Update on Women’s March In Los Angeles NR17027jr 01/20/17 - Fatal Shooting in Reseda NR17025im 01/19/17 - Deadly Shooting in Harbor Area NR17024sr 01/19/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols NA17008lp 01/19/17 - Man Found Dead NR17023im 01/18/17 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA17007aj 01/18/17 - Missing Elderly Man in Van Nuys Division NR17022sr 01/17/17 - Pedestrian Killed in Hit and Run NR17021dm 01/17/17 - Man Found Dead in Parking Lot NR17018im 01/17/17 - Man Stabbed to Death NR17019im 01/17/17 - 26-Year-Old Missing Woman NR17020jh 01/16/17 - Critical Missing Elderly Man NR17017ml 01/13/17 - Woman Stabbed to Death Near Officer Involved Shooting May Be Connected NRF003-17an 01/13/17 - Fatal Hit and Run in Pacific Division NR17016im 01/11/17 - Robbery Suspect Hits Same Store Twice During Christmas Time NR17014lp 01/11/17 - Missing Elderly Man in Mission Division NR17015im 01/11/17 - Critical Missing Elderly Man in Northeast Division NR17013im 01/11/17 - Missing 82-Year-Old Man NR17009dm 01/11/17 - Teacher Arrested for Child Porn NR17012sr 01/10/17 - Critical Missing Elderly Man in Northeast Division NR17008aj 01/10/17 - , 000 Reward Offered NA17006aj 01/10/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17005ne 01/10/17 - Attempted Murder Suspect Wanted NR17011ml 01/05/17 - LAPD Targets Impaired Drivers with DUI Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrols NA17003dm 01/05/17 - Robbery at Convenience Store Caught On Video NR17006jh 01/04/17 - Missing 40-year-old Male NR17005jh 01/04/17 - Etiquette Lessons for Kids, If You Please NA17002pv 01/04/17 - Hit and Run Suspect Arrested NA17001ne 01/04/17 - Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Surveillance NR17003im 01/03/17 - Residential Burglary Suspects Caught on Surveillance Video NR17004lp 01/03/17 - LAPD Topanga Division Adopts Homeless Family NA16389aj 01/03/17 - Fatal Hit And Run In Rampart Area NR16405aj 01/03/17 - Fatal Stabbing of a 22-year-old Man NR17002im 01/01/17 - Off-Duty Officer Killed in Car Crash 12/30/16 - Los Angeles Couple Missing NR16404aj 12/30/16 - Chain of Robberies NA16388im 12/29/16 - Missing Senior Citizen NR16402im 12/29/16 - Hit and Run leaves 19-year-old in Serious Condition NR16403aj 12/29/16 - Burglary Caught On Security Camera NR164401aj 12/28/16 - Fatal Shooting at a park of an unidentified Man NR16399jh 12/27/16 - 35-Year-Old Man in Critical Condition After Hit and Run NR16398lp 12/27/16 - Mother Dies, Leaves Intellectually Disabled Daughter Alone 12/23/16 - 51-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run NR16397jh 12/22/16 - Metropolitan Officer Involved shooting in 77th Street Area NRF085-16ma 12/22/16 - Rampart Area Officer Involved Shooting NRF084-16bm 12/22/16 - LAPD’s 3rd Annual One Cop, One Kid Toy Giveaway NA16387aj 12/22/16 - Man Struck, Staggers into Street, Hit by a Car NR16396im 12/21/16 - WILSHIRE AREA/WEST TRAFFIC DIVISION OPEN HOUSE NA16386jh 12/20/16 - LAPD Recruit Graduation NA16384ti 12/20/16 - LAPD Dep.

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